About the Society

The CBWPS is the County Bird Club of Cornwall, with a long tradition of bird protection and appreciation going back to the earliest days of the ornithological conservation movement in the UK in the early 1930’s (… continue exploring our history HERE).

We manage or jointly manage 6 reserves in the County, owning several outright, carry out surveys and investigations into the county’s avifauna, provide information and assistance on vulnerable and action plan species, maintain and hold the county bird list, as well as providing a focal point for birdwatchers in the county and beyond.

Join the CBWPS for the full range of benefits, including the annual ‘Birds in Cornwall’ (BiC) county bird report, the excellent quarterly publication ‘Palores’, access to out reserves and hides, and the knowledge that you are helping conserve and protect our vulnerable wild bird heritage for future generations .

For full membership details see the Membership pages HERE