CBWPS on Twitter

Just in case you hadn’t noticed … cbwps now has an active twitter account!

Accessible from the main sidebars on the website homepage and other pages, or by searching cbwpsbirds or cbwps1 on twitter itself.

If you’re on twitter already, this is a great opportunity not only to support us by following us, re-tweeting or commenting on/liking our tweets, but hopefully also an opportunity for you to become that little bit better informed on what is going on in the world of #Cornwall’s #birds and the #local birding scene!

We are aiming to retweet most relevant birding news from within the county twitter community, keep you updated on news and events from the society itself, and share relevant or interesting information from other county organizations or on pressing local conservation issues as they arise.

Use the @cbwps1 at the end of your own tweets if you want to specifically draw our attention or bring us to the wider attention of your other followers!

Thanks, the cbwps twitter team, and happy tweeting 😉


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